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Orthopaedic Pathology

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Autor Bullough, Peter

ISBN-13 9780323054713
Editorial Mosby
Edición 5
Fecha de publicación Diciembre 2009
Número de páginas 576
Formato 26 x 31 x 3 cms.
Idioma en
Precio 225€

Orthopaedic Pathology, 5th Edition, by Peter G. Bullough, MB, ChB, presents a unique, lavishly illustrated account of the pathology of arthritic disorders, metabolic disturbances, and soft tissue and bone tumors. Nearly 2,000 high-quality pathologic slides, diagnostic images, and gross specimens—side-by-side—depict the appearance of a wide range of conditions and correlate orthopaedic pathology to clinical practice for greater diagnostic accuracy. Expert Consult functionality—new to this edition—offers convenient access to the complete contents of the book online. It's the ideal resource for the orthopaedic surgeon and radiologist as well as the trainee and practicing pathologist.