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Paediatric Forensic Medicine and Pathology

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Busuttil, Anthony
Keeling, Jean

ISBN-13 9780340731574
Editorial Hodder Headline
Edición 1
Fecha de publicación Noviembre 2008
Número de páginas 506
Formato 22 x 28 x 3 cms.
Idioma en
Precio 256,88€

Child abuse and suspicious child deaths are very complicated matters for clinicians, pathologists, law enforcement officials and legal professionals to investigate. Meanwhile, the evidence base for forensic pathology, especially in paediatrics, is steadily growing. In Paediatric Forensic Medicine and Pathology, two internationally acclaimed editors have brought together a first class author team who provide an up-to-date, comprehensive, and thorough review of the contemporary problems encountered in practice today.

Individual chapters explore the emerging role of imaging in the diagnosis of non-accidental injury and compare recent evidence contrasting sudden infant death and SIDS; the head and neck injury chapter carefully explores the ‘shaken baby syndrome' and similar patterns of injury that have recently gained widespread media attention. Special emphasis is given to interview and assessment procedures, and useful clinical forms are included throughout the book. Whether in a clinical, laboratory, or legal setting, readers dealing with forensic inquiries or who are in preparation for court will find the comprehensive background and evidence base necessary to support their investigations.

Paediatric Forensic Medicine and Pathology is an invaluable resource for forensic pathologists, paediatric pathologists, and paediatricians, as well as all practitioners in the judicial and legal, criminal investigation and social services systems that have to deal with such cases.

Definitive reference work containing all the information you need to investigate paediatric cases
Evidence-based wherever possible with the latest peer-reviewed studies
Global author team provides an international perspective
Well illustrated in colour to aid and confirm diagnosis of injury, whether in a living patient or at post-mortem examination